Saturday, October 10, 2009

World Trip 2008

I was not going to write this but then I found a set of photos which I have loaded up onto my Picasa website

The trip comprised a number of sections:
We started with a visit to my daughter, Louisa and her husband, Tom in Chicago in June. First tip go to Chicago in late spring, the weather was great.
Chicago is an amazing city with incredible buildings and outdoor sculptures. Do the architecture tours led by the docents.

We then went to England and visited Nick Cross and his wife JoJo. Nick was an old LBS colleague who always wanted to do good and ended up doing rather well. He kindly gave us two tickets to Wimbledon which was a great experience.

Then we met up with my sister in Paris and did the Burgundy Wine Cruise which I have already described in an earlier blog.

We went back to England and buried my parent's ashes in the grounds of Swainswick Church. It is called closure and it works.

We then went to Budapest. Great city and worth a visit. Of the big 3 my wife and I have enjoyed Vienna and Budapest the most and would put Prague (full of Russian prostitutes and British Lager louts) at the bottom.

In Budapest we were guests of Les Farkash who was another great host.

Finally we ended up in Croatia where we visited Dubrovnik and did another boat cruise on the Croatian coast. We were lucky in that we had good weather.
The six of us, Ali & Barry, Ann & Anthony, Vivienne and myself (in separate bunks!!!) managed again to sail together and maintain good cheer.

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